Fill your private practice with clients you love and live the life you’ve always dreamed of! 

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You’re spinning your wheels not knowing where to start when it comes to marketing your private practice. You know you need to market your practice, but you aren’t sure what to do or what will give you the greatest return on investment.  

You feel stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated. You’re disappointed that after spending years in school and tens of thousands of dollars, you weren't taught the branding, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills needed to be successful in private practice.  

You might have even considered giving up on your dreams or finding a more lucrative career path. You’re probably thinking... there has to be more to life than this

You want to make greater impact by working with the clients you love, while making more money, having more freedom and living the life you’ve always dreamed of.  

Don’t you just wish you could wave a magic marketing wand and the marketing fairy would take care of everything?! You’re beginning to think effective marketing is almost as rare as a talking unicorn.  
You wish you had a step by step proven system to fill your practice with clients you love and live the life you’ve always dreamed of! 
Perhaps you are expanding your business by creating an e-course, publishing a book, or hosting live events, but you’re struggling with how to market effectively.  

We’ve been there! We used to exhaust ourselves by running after all the shiny objects trying to figure out what works (we know you know what we’re talking about) .  

We get how frustrating marketing can be and we’ve made it our mission to change that.  

We have invested thousands of hours and over $20,000 in trainings, courses, books and programs to figure out the step by step system for marketing.  

Marketing shouldn’t be a mystery!  

Therapists deserve to feel INSPIRED by the work they love and get paid well for it! 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a secret marketing formula that NO ONE ELSE is talking about!  

Visualize yourself feeling confident and comfortable, knowing exactly what to say and how to say it. Imagine feeling energized and inspired, doing more of what you love, and living the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. 

We’ve seen results and we want to tell YOU how to get them too.

Last year, we used this formula to launch our first webinar and it generated over $10,000. We’ve more than doubled our income each year for the past years.   

Transform your marketing mindset creating a demand for your services in a way that feels authentic and aligned to you.
Create an authentic brand and craft marketing messages your clients love
Have a high converting website and therapist directory profiles that attract your ideal clients
Feel more confident with a personalized marketing strategy that highlights your natural talents. 
Make a greater impact while having more freedom, making more money, and living your dream lifestyle
This Course WILL Help You Achieve The Following Results
Let Us Help You Fill Your Practice 
With the Clients You LOVE &
LIVE the Life You've Always Dreamed of!
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Kate & Katie Co-Founders of The Private Practice Startup
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We look forward to helping you build and grow your dream practice and live your dream lifestyle! 
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What We Cover...

1. Mindset Mastery - “Channel Your Inner Entrepreneur”
  • We jump into the Entrepreneurial and Marketing Mindsets and how THERAPISTS make the BEST marketers - did you guys know that?  
  • We help you CRAFT your Dream Lifestyle and begin living into it! 

2. Branding - “Make Your Brand a Show Stopper”
  • We help you create your vision, mission and company culture which becomes the guiding principle of your work, decisions you make about your business and so much more. 
  • We help you create a brand that is a show stopper, feel authentically you, position yourself outside the marketing, and stand out from the crowd drawing your ideal clients right into your office.  

3. Ideal Clients - “Ideal Client Character Study”
  • We take a deep dive and help you get intimate with your ideal client. Get to know them inside out, walk in their shoes, live a day in their lives. Understand what moves them, what pains them and what they want and desire and how you are the perfect person to help them get what they want.  

4. Marketing Message Mastery - “Scripting Your Way to Success”
  • Once you are an expert on your ideal client, you need to know how to speak to them. We help you craft marketing messages that make them say, “yes, yes, yes I need to call THIS therapist.”

5. Directory Profiles - “Be a Box Office Hit”
  • Ever wonder what it takes to create an awesome therapy directory? We take what you’ve learned through the previous modules and teach you how to apply it to therapy directories. Guess what… it is pretty simple once you know the secret formula. We just keep using it over and over again. Rinse Wash and Repeat! 

6. Websites - “Coming to a Theater Near You”
  • Imagine having a website that clients not only LOVE but feel compelled to call you because they KNOW you are the therapist for them! Your website is like a movie trailer. It’s a preview of what it is like working with you.  
  • We teach you what creates a high converting website. We walk you through what you need to create and attractive home page, stellar specialty pages, and a spectacular About Me Page.

7. Marketing Strategies - “The Show Must Go On...”
  • Learning and knowing the secrets of marketing is where everything begins but there’s more! Marketing doesn’t EVER stop. Choosing marketing strategies that align both with your ideal clients and natural talents is essential. We talk about various online and offline marketing strategies, what to outsource and why and have you create a 90 day plan to keep the show going! 

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  • If you wish the marketing fairy would sprinkle magic practice building fairy dust and poof your practice is full. NOT FOR YOU.
  • If you want to sit back, relax, and just Netflix and chill. NOT FOR YOU.
  • If you think niching is a terrible idea. NOT FOR YOU.
  • If you don’t want to hang out with a cool group of private practitioners who are changing the world, and you hate group projects. NOT FOR YOU.
  • If your friends and family “lovingly” refer to you as Oscar the Grouch or a “mean girl”. NOT FOR YOU.

  • You’re a therapist in private practice with a niche or would like to clarify your niche. THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • If you’re inspired and motivated to get clear on your marketing messages. THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • You’re wanting to have fun, roll up your sleeves and do the work to get results. THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • You want to make more money, have more freedom, and fill your practice with the clients you LOVE. THIS IS FOR YOU!
  • You want to contribute to the growth and development of others by working together and supporting each other through the process. THIS IS FOR YOU!
“To say my coaching sessions with Kate and Katie was worth it would be a gross understatement. I sent an email using the marketing strategies and formulas that I learned from them. Within hours, it generated enough business to pay for my consultations with them many times over. I was amazed.” ~ Andrew Dobo, Psy. D. 
"The information in this course is priceless!! It's so worth the cost and more as it would have taken me years to learn on my own. This is the best investment I've made in my practice!" -Wynette Green, PhD, LMFT
Our coachees are getting MORE calls and MORE of their IDEAL clients walking through their doors.  
"Thank you for the boost of confidence and creative ideas! I gained clarity on my brand, ideal clients, and meaningful ways to connect with them. I’m enjoying seeing more of my ideal clients, feeling in “my zone” daily, and being more confident about my fees and value." - Natalie Jimenez, LMFT
Kate & Katie Co-Founders 
of The Private Practice Startup
By signing up for our waitlist, you agree to receive emails with additional practice building resources & #Ninjatips
"I’m only about 25% into integrating all the changes I learned, and in just a few weeks our calls more than doubled and in about a month our group went from 55% to 85% full! I went from maintaining for months, to almost full and ready to hire two new clinicians next month. The return on investment is a no-brainer." - Sean Davis, PhD, LMFT
"It was AMAZING! I learned an insane amount and I am so grateful to them for such a phenomenal program. I think it is something that ALL therapists in private practice need to do. They break it down step by step on how to create your marketing message and then how to actually execute it to attract your ideal client. I love how professional both of them are, the energy that they bring, and their incredible business savviness." - Roberta Alves LMHC
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